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The case of Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program
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Sustainability strategy support

A successful sustainability strategy identifies ways to creating and delivering value to relevant stakeholders while providing a source of differentiation and competitiveness to the firm.

Going beyond “greenwashing” or well-intentioned but isolated projects requires making choices based on a solid understanding of the opportunities and challenges, and engage in an open dialogue involving suppliers, non-governmental organizations, governments and local communities.

As part of our sustainability strategy practice, we support multi-stakeholder networks create and develop sustainability practices, particularly in the area of sustainable supply chains.

Education programs

Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility are becoming priority issues for every organization. Pushed by increasingly responsible consumers and the need to ensure the sustainability of resources, the business community continues to develop awareness on the importance of identifying and integrating sustainability practices across the value chain.

Our work in this area focuses on accompanying companies and academic institutions on creating or increasing the awareness of their various audiences on the importance of an integrated sustainability strategy that combines sustainability and growth objectives, together with appropriate measurement systems to track progress. As a result, we are active in developing and delivering executive training programs for academic institutions as well as companies that address these challenges.

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