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Strategy: Unlocking Value at the Bottom of the Pyramid.
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Governance dynamics in a multi-stakeholder network:
The case of Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program
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Boosting Export Competitiveness through Market Intelligence.
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Making the Leap to the Next Level.
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Our approach

We believe strategy is choice, based on appropriate and timely information and analysis. Thus, our approach focuses on identifying options and scenarios based on deep analysis to support management make informed decisions for their business.

We also believe that transforming an organization requires combining “hard” and “soft” approaches. A great team without a sense of direction will go nowhere. A great strategy with no commitment will do no better. And without strong, authentic leadership even both together are not sufficient.

In that context, we work with senior management, government officials and leaders in international agencies to analyze and understand their key issues and challenges so they can better define their strategic priorities. Our strength comes from the ability to analyze issues through different lenses – to look at markets and trends, at competition and customers and at the organization itself – and then translate that understanding into framing the key issues for leadership to make choices