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Strategy: Unlocking Value at the Bottom of the Pyramid.
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Governance dynamics in a multi-stakeholder network:
The case of Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program
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Boosting Export Competitiveness through Market Intelligence.
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Making the Leap to the Next Level.
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Growth & Trade

Our public sector practice puts us at the forefront of some of the key issues facing governments and non-governmental organizations today, such as the impact of globalization, increasing trade flows and integration of small producers into global markets.

Projects in this area involve capacity building as well as research, analysis and strategy formulation support. Our resources include a set of trade development analysis tools combined with a systematic approach to analyzing international trade opportunities. Examples of our work are:

Market intelligence workshops

Our initiatives in this area focus on developing and delivering tailored-made market intelligence programs targeted at exporters or trade support institutions in a specific sector.

Our methodology combines diverse facilitation techniques including practical case studies and best practices examples with sound and relevant content. Throughout the program, participants go through an awareness development and capacity building process that prepares them to effectively use market intelligence to support the formulation of a market entry strategy with a view to exporting to new markets.

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